28 Oct 2014
October 28, 2014

In other news….


On the evening of Friday, 17th October I a detained a youth in a shop in London. Damage had been done to the store. I asked the shopkeeper to call the police, and when officers arrived they arrested the youth and informed me that drugs had been recovered from the scene.

The officers also informed me that the youth had immediately made a complaint that I had assaulted him by detaining him. I was questioned by the police and told that because of my identity the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Metropolitan Police Press Office would be informed of the incident.

I understand the Metropolitan Police has now made the matter public. I will make no further comment for now, other than to say a) that no alcohol was involved and b) I am not in the habit of summoning the police if I feel that I am in the wrong.

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  1. Hi Eric; today I read comments by Joe Public in a Scottish MSM publication article regarding this matter.
    You are a tough guy, as anyone who has been through the forces has to be, or is made to be.

    Much is made of this, as is the beer.

    I have to say that no matter what right you do, you will always be subject to pig ignorant comment, as this surely was.

    And tarred with a brush because you lost it with a boorish toff after a few pints in WM.

    You have my empathy.

    I may not agree with all that you say, but respect your right to have your point of view.

    The process of clearing up ‘misunderstandings’ as this surely is, attracts unsavoury press; in fact, I’m fairly sure this will be reported in the same vein as the one I refer to above.

    I voted Yes. I studied the whole shebang for 2 years, through paper msm, tv and social media, trying to keep my bias from colouring my vision.

    I came to a conclusion that our media serves us poorly; do you think it is time for change, bearing in mind that although Leveson’s recommendations are on the go, our country’s media will continue to lack moral fibre?

    I only realised how badly we need a new press when I was asked to make such an important decision for my country.

    Basically, Eric, what happened to you in the shop and the way it has been generally reported is malevolent nonsense.

    Tell me, how did the BBC report it?

    Regards, Pete Barton

  2. I think you should be applauded for taking the action that you did. Shame on the police. This type of thing happens too often and I trust no action will be taken against you as you were only doing what the police should have done. No doubt the youth and the police personnel involved are not being named in the shameful way that you have been. No wonder people worry about the consequences of trying to uphold the law. I would not be surprised if the miscreant is already well known to the police. In a country like the US you would be hailed by the police as a hero

  3. I’m surprised the cops didn’t push you to the floor and arrest you for it.
    Oh, wait, that’s the Territorial Support Group innit ?

    Still it’s one way to keep us all clean and sober.

  4. Eric, we live in a strange world these days, rather than receiving congratulations, as you should, you are left to feel guilty somehow.
    You have my support.


  5. Well done Eric. Quite right and wise to post this, as also to detain the youth.

  6. I’m rooting for you,Eric. You did the right thing in making a citizen’s arrest.

    If you hadn’t done so you’d have been crucified by the press for standing back and doing nothing. Looks like you’re now in a lose/lose situation.

    I think I’d be demanding to know who in the police released this to the press.

  7. Comment *Knew there had to be more to it. Hope it’s dropped soon. This is why more people refuse to get involved.


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